Interior Design:104 Cafe by Pei Chieh Lu and Mei Ting Chiu

Pei Chieh Lu and Mei Ting Chiu Shows The 104 Cafe Interior Design

Pei Chieh Lu and Mei Ting Chiu, the maker of the displayed work Award Winning 104 Cafe Interior Design demonstrates, The Project holds as a place for eating, coffee breaking, meeting, group working, spurring employees to interact more, sparking fresh <Cropped>

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Green Product Award & Green Concept Award

The Competition Is Seeking For Green, Sustainable Products, Concepts & Products and Concepts Can Be Submitted to The International Green Product Award For The Seventh Time. This Year, Manufacturers, Design Studios & Agencies Are Inv

The competition is seeking for green, sustainable products, concepts & services.Green products and concepts can be submitted to the international green product award for the seventh time. this year, manufacturers, design studios & agencies ar <Cropped>

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Residential Building:lagos's Wooden Tower by Hermann Kamte

Hermann Kamte Creates The Lagos's Wooden Tower Residential Building

Hermann Kamte, the author of the awarded project Residential Building:Lagos's Wooden Tower by Hermann Kamte spells out, Lagos is the most populate city in Africa and represents a big deal for architects. City consists of 16 million inhabitants. <Cropped>

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Steven Yang Avis's Skræp Pendant

Steven Yang Avis Demonstrates The Skræp Pendant

Steven Yang Avis, the creative mind behind the award winning work Skræp by Steven Yang Avis says, Luxmea’s Skræp transforms the materiality and formality of a crumpled scrap paper into a charm/pendent by combining digital modeling, 3D printing an <Cropped>

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Brand Identity by Muzik Creative Label

Muzik Creative Label Reveals The Stealer Brand Identity

MUZIK CREATIVE LABEL, the designer of the awarded project Brand Identity by MUZIK CREATIVE LABEL explicates, The concept behind the STEALER brand naming is visualized in the pattern and font used in the brand logo and typography, with segments of t <Cropped>

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Susa Bird-Jewellery Set by Zoha Khaniki

Zoha Khaniki Creates The Susa Bird Jewellery Set

Zoha Khaniki, the lead designer of the awarded project Jewellery Set by Zoha Khaniki explicates, Susa Bird Jewellery Set consists of minimal gold necklace and earrings which represent visual culture of ancient Iranians. Simple geometric form of pie <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Fashion Interaction Dress

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Fashion Interaction Dress

The project leader of the awarded design FASHION INTERACTION by Acclaimed Designer explicates, it's a communicative,interactive,programmable garment based on a wearable LED matrix screen,capable to interact with user trough digital interface lik <Cropped>

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Sina Staff Home, Beijing by Vinck Vai-drawing Design

Vinck Vai-drawing Design Shares The Sina Staff Home, Beijing Corporate Space

Vinck Vai - Drawing Design, the author of the displayed work Corporate Space by Vinck Vai - Drawing Design says, The place which with 3000 square meters will become the best nice place for all these more than 6000 SINA staffs. It will be like a fuzzy <Cropped>

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Indigo Design Award

Indigo Design Award 2020 Is Open For Submissions. Indigo Design Award Is Open to Conceptual and Completed Designs That Are Five Years Old or Less. We Are Looking For Exceptional Work From Anywhere Around The Globe. Whether You Are a Student, Professional

Indigo design award 2020 is open for submissions. indigo design award is open to conceptual and completed designs that are five years old or less. we are looking for exceptional work from anywhere around the globe. whether you are a student, professi <Cropped>

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Door Handle by Azam Eskandari

Azam Eskandari Creates The Less Door Handle

Azam Eskandari, the architect of the awarded work Less by Azam Eskandari illustrates, "The Less", a dual side door handle concept, is designed for solving some problems like injuring people or destroying property for kids room, administrati <Cropped>

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