Baby Stroller by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Casualplay Kudu Baby Stroller

The maker of the highlighted work Baby Stroller by Acclaimed Designer spells out, KUDU presents irregular shapes and geometry in structure made of high strength deep drawn plate aluminum. This technology is innovative as all the other products on mar <Cropped>

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Octopus-Sneakers by Junda Liu

Junda Liu Illustrates The Octopus Sneakers

Junda Liu, the author of the highlighted project Sneakers by Junda Liu demonstrates, Softness and support are contradictory. The designer realizes that a single shoe cannot achieve the strength of exercise. Shoes with multiple layers of material or h <Cropped>

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Bidjo Georgian Wine by Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov Creates The Bidjo Georgian Wine Wines Label

Valerii Sumilov, the designer of the awarded work Valerii Sumilov's Bidjo Georgian Wine Wines Label explicates, Bidjo Wines represents premium segment of the Georgian wines on the Ukrainian market. The label comprises of multiple different parts <Cropped>

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Residence by Butz + Klug Architecture

Butz + Klug Architecture Shows The Brookline Massachusetts Renovation Residence

BUTZ + KLUG Architecture, the creator of the displayed design Residence by BUTZ + KLUG Architecture explains, Beauty emerges from embracing the compelling juxtapositions of the building’s history with our modernity. The replacement of an aging kitc <Cropped>

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4g Smart Speaker by China Mobile (hangzhou) Information Tech

China Mobile (hangzhou) Information Tech Illustrates The Lotus-Se 4g Smart Speaker

China Mobile (Hangzhou) Information Tech, the creative mind behind the awarded work 4G Smart Speaker by China Mobile (Hangzhou) Information Tech explains, Lotus-SE is the world’s first voice-controlled smart speaker that can be disconnected from Wi <Cropped>

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Showroom, Retail by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Segmentation Showroom, Retail

The author of the displayed project Award Winning Segmentation Showroom, Retail illustrates, The shoes that manufacture with natural leather and ecological bases, are exhibited in the space. Stone of creek that slice aligned on net create floor cover <Cropped>

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Premium Coffee Gift Packaging

A Famous Premium Coffee Brand and Desall Invite You to Design a New Line of Packaging Solutions, to Serve as Gifts For a Special Occasion, Be It Christmas or Other Celebrationpremium Coffee Gift Packaging New Packaging Design Contest On a Fam

A famous premium coffee brand and desall invite you to design a new line of packaging solutions, to serve as gifts for a special occasion, be it christmas or other celebrationPremium coffee gift packaging new packaging design contest on <Cropped>

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All Mies Packaging-Watch Packaging by Walmir Luz

Walmir Luz Creates The All Mies Packaging Watch Packaging

Walmir Luz, the author of the displayed work All Mies Packaging by Walmir Luz says, The All Mies box translates the simplicity of the watch design into a minimal and yet bold packaging. Embracing the same style found on the timepieces, the packaging <Cropped>

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Golden Ho's Pone Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion

Golden Ho Designs The Pone Nest Aspiration Experience Pavilion

Golden Ho, the project leader of the awarded project Experience Pavilion:PONE Nest Aspiration by Golden Ho points out, PONE ARCHITECTURE Experience Pavilion 2016 Guangzhou Design Week attempted to rediscover the new connections between individuals. <Cropped>

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Jolin Wang and Chia-Jui Hsu's The Mix of Sunlight and Plants Cooperative Space Design

Jolin Wang and Chia-Jui Hsu Designs The The Mix of Sunlight and Plants Cooperative Space Design

Jolin Wang and Chia-Jui Hsu, the maker of the award winning design Cooperative Space Design by Jolin Wang and Chia-Jui Hsu says, In this plan, the technology building is located at the outskirt of Taipei Neihu Technology Park and on the area composed <Cropped>

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