2019 Acc Design Contest

The Contest Is Aimed At Promoting The Diversity of The Acc’s Cultural Merchandise. The Acc Seeks to Offer Exciting Experiences to All Participants and Grant Them Opportunities to Showcase Their Artistic and Creative Prowess Aligned With Their Interest I

The contest is aimed at promoting the diversity of the acc’s cultural merchandise. the acc seeks to offer exciting experiences to all participants and grant them opportunities to showcase their artistic and creative prowess aligned with their inter <Cropped>

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Ti Me-Taking Turns by Eetodesign

Eetodesign Designs The Ti Me Taking Turns

Eetodesign, the thinktank behind the awarded project Taking turns by Eetodesign demonstrates, Ti Me is a playground equipment designed to help educate children on time management and group interactions. The Ti Me is a kind of timer that the child wil <Cropped>

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Zhongjing Financial Center by Pleasanthouse

Pleasanthouse Demonstrates The Zhongjing Financial Center Office

PleasantHouse, the lead designer of the award winning design Award Winning ZHONGJING FINANCIAL CENTER Office explains, When people create environment, the environment also makes people. In the light of the booming, day-and-night bustling and fiercely <Cropped>

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Award Winning Norval Foundation Art Museum

Dhk Architects Portrays The Norval Foundation Art Museum

dhk Architects, the architect of the highlighted work Norval Foundation - Art Museum by dhk Architects explicates, Norval Foundation is a modern pavilion for art set against a dramatic mountain and vineyard landscape. The building’s architectural d <Cropped>

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Dab by Adam Miklosi

Adam Miklosi Creates The Dab Ecg Holter Patch

Adam Miklosi, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning Dab Ecg holter patch explicates, A body sensor should be as unobtrusive as possible to have the smallest impact on the ordinary behavior of the patients under examination. The key <Cropped>

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Rose Wine by Waldemarart Design Studio

Waldemarart Design Studio Creates The Rose Flamingo Rose Wine

WaldemarArt Design Studio, the lead designer of the displayed project Rose Flamingo by WaldemarArt Design Studio spells out, The design of the wine Rose Flamingo is based on a graceful bird Rose Flamingo. We use this image of this bird because the ta <Cropped>

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Backslash-Communication by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen Designs The Backslash Communication

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen, the lead designer of the awarded design Communication by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen points out, Technology has been playing an important role in this new wave of protests, from Arab Spring to Occupy Central. Back <Cropped>

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Eco Park Contest

New Concept For a Green Recreational Areanew Contest On Desall.com: Metafin and Desall Invite You to Propose a New Concept For a Green Recreational Area That Is Due to Be Built in The Near Future in The Whereabouts of Venice (italy), Conceived as An Aggre

New concept for a green recreational areaNew contest on desall.com: metafin and desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future in the whereabouts of venice (italy), conceived as an <Cropped>

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Parque Chapultepec Ii by Abraham Cherem

Abraham Cherem Exhibits The Parque Chapultepec Ii Office Building

Abraham Cherem, the creative mind behind the award winning project Office Building:Parque Chapultepec II by Abraham Cherem illustrates, The project is a back office at the heart of Naucalpan, an industrial zone in the metropolitan área of Mexico cit <Cropped>

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Don Lin's House of Light Interior Design

Don Lin Spotlights The House of Light Interior Design

Don Lin, the maker of the displayed design Don Lin's House Of Light Interior Design says, In a congested land space in Singapore, it has dramatically focus houses to be built vertically and emphasize effective spaces. House of Light introduces a <Cropped>

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