The Elegant Suburb-Interior Design by Ching-Ya Chou

Ching-Ya Chou Exhibits The The Elegant Suburb Interior Design

Ching-Ya Chou, the architect of the awarded project The Elegant Suburb by Ching-Ya Chou says, Incorporating the classical suburban characteristic, the vigor of mixed styles displays its charms. Based on the original ideas, the principle of design exp <Cropped>

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Amnh 3d Design Team's Cuba Temporary Exhibition

Amnh 3d Design Team Shares The Cuba Temporary Exhibition

AMNH 3D Design Team, the author of the award winning project Temporary Exhibition by AMNH 3D Design Team explains, Cuba is a bilingual exhibition that shares real stories and views of Cubans living inside and outside the country today. It explores th <Cropped>

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Award Winning The Generation of Yin and Yang Interior Design

Feng-Min Chou Reveals The The Generation of Yin and Yang Interior Design

Feng-Min Chou, the maker of the highlighted project The Generation of Yin and Yang - Interior Design by Feng-Min Chou explicates, Because a large space for medical treatment is required in this clinic, the utilization of mirrors and mirrors, with the <Cropped>

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Vicky Chan's The Light House Cultural Center

Vicky Chan Reveals The The Light House Cultural Center

Vicky Chan, the creator of the award winning work Award Winning The Light House Cultural Center says, The Light House is a cultural center to make Star Street Precinct into a hub to exchange ideas for the next 2 decades. The Light House adds to the s <Cropped>

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Heavenly Creation by Hao He

Hao He Demonstrates The Heavenly Creation E-Book

Hao He, the architect of the displayed work Award Winning Heavenly Creation E-Book points out, To design a book in an interactive way is a hard work, specially for an ancient book. Heavenly Creation was the first encyclopedia in China, which is cover <Cropped>

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Catino-Bathroom Collection by Emanuele Pangrazi

Emanuele Pangrazi Shows The Catino Bathroom Collection

Emanuele Pangrazi, the architect of the awarded design Bathroom collection:Catino by Emanuele Pangrazi points out, CATINO is born from the desire to give shape to a thought. This collection evokes the poetry of everyday life through simple elements, <Cropped>

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Award Winning Geta Inheritance Handbag

Jingwen Zhang Demonstrates The Geta Inheritance Handbag

Jingwen Zhang, the designer of the award winning design Geta Inheritance by Jingwen Zhang spells out, In the early years, the clogs were invented in China during Tang Dynasty and then passed on to Japan in which has handed down so far. In contemporar <Cropped>

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Bookshelves by Danilo Olim

Danilo Olim Discloses The #17, Daao Concepts. Design by Danilo Olim Bookshelves

Danilo Olim, the creator of the awarded work Award Winning #17,Daao concepts. Design by Danilo Olim bookshelves says, Bookshelf # 17 was developed with the premise to occupy the necessary space, when necessary. Considered to be an extension of the w <Cropped>

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Tik Chan's Palm Springs-Strikingly Simple Residential

Tik Chan Designs The Palm Springs-Strikingly Simple Residential

Tik Chan, the lead designer of the highlighted design Residential:Palm Springs - strikingly simple by Tik Chan explicates, Strikingly Simple-The modern simplicity of this minimalist house consists of several special features that make it incredibly e <Cropped>

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Hot by Viktoriia Shkliar

Viktoriia Shkliar Portrays The Hot Office

Viktoriia Shkliar, the project leader of the award winning design Hot by Viktoriia Shkliar illustrates, The design of this space is loft style. The entire interior was made in one color design, which contributes to the integrity of the space. With th <Cropped>

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