Bahram Salour's Ciel Home Bar Home Bar

Bahram Salour Discloses The Ciel Home Bar Home Bar

Bahram Salour, the designer of the award winning design Home Bar by Bahram Salour says, Ciel Bar is a modern, stylish yet highly functional home bar. Its "long and low" design was inspired by American automotive design of the 60's and <Cropped>

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Multi-Function Modular Furniture:bojo by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The Bojo Multi-Function Modular Furniture

The creator of the highlighted project Bojo - Multi-function modular furniture by Acclaimed Designer spells out, 120x120 cm plywood boards locked in place using CNC cut special slots. They can provide within seconds different compositions, suitable f <Cropped>

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Green Product Award

The Green Product Award Is An Annual International Competition For Sustainable Products and Services From Established Firms and Startups. Students and Designers With New Concepts Are Also Welcome to Product Award 2019-Now With An Own Green Fa

The green product award is an annual international competition for sustainable products and services from established firms and startups. students and designers with new concepts are also welcome to join.Green product award 2019 - now with an own gre <Cropped>

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Lounge:gregoria by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Gregoria Lounge

The project leader of the highlighted project Lounge by Acclaimed Designer explains, Gregoria features the baluster, a key decorative element in traditional Filipino home designs. Gregoria is a semi-circular 2 to 3 seater lounge. Its backrest is made <Cropped>

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Guapos-Wine Label by Cesar Moura

Cesar Moura Illustrates The Guapos Wine Label

Cesar Moura, the maker of the award winning project Guapos - Wine Label by Cesar Moura says, The design aim the fusion between modern design and nordic tendencies in art, portraying the country of origin of the wine. Each edge cut represents the alti <Cropped>

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Jazz Bar by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N Shares The Jz Club Jazz Bar

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N, the creator of the awarded project JZ Club by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N points out, In October 2016, the JZ Club unveiled their new location at Found 158, in the middle of a local park on Julu Lu, Shanghai. The JZ Club is one <Cropped>

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Silicone Meal Plate by Chungsheng Chen

Chungsheng Chen Presents The Happy Bear Silicone Meal Plate

ChungSheng Chen, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning Happy Bear Silicone meal plate points out, Happy Bear is specially designed for young kids, is safe, unbreakable, avoid annoying noise cause and no leaching of phthalates p <Cropped>

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Multifunctional by Intelligent Product Solutions

Intelligent Product Solutions Shares The Adheretech Smart Pill Bottle Multifunctional

Intelligent Product Solutions, the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle Multifunctional points out, The Smart Pill Bottle is a personal medical device leveraging “Internet of Things” technologies. <Cropped>

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Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019-Sahara

Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge Pushes to Explore Habitat Concepts That Are Responsible, Yet Brave to Grow Human Civilization in Synchronous With Nature + Technology + Planet. Design a Concept Habitat of 1, 000 People Within Area of 0.5mi X 0.5mi

Vision: extreme habitat challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. design a concept habitat of 1,000 people within area of 0.5mi x <Cropped>

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Award Winning Aveine Connected Wine Aerator

Matthieu Robert-Aveine Creates The Aveine Connected Wine Aerator

Matthieu Robert - Aveine, the architect of the award winning work Aveine by Matthieu Robert - Aveine says, To enjoye your wine experience you need to decant, or aerate, the wine, a mysterious and often intimidating process to the average consumer. To <Cropped>

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