Ab Workspace by Ali Bazzi

Ali Bazzi Creates The Ab Workspace Cabin

Ali Bazzi, the maker of the displayed work Cabin:AB Workspace by Ali Bazzi illustrates, AB workspace mobile cabin is a project by AB architects, original and luxury experience in a minimum space. It's modern design and urban looks make it stands <Cropped>

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Decorative Sculpture :man On The Wall by Santad Kaewudom

Santad Kaewudom Shares The Man On The Wall Decorative Sculpture

Santad Kaewudom , the creator of the award winning project Decorative Sculpture :Man on the Wall by Santad Kaewudom demonstrates, This sculpture serves two main functions which are aesthetic appeal and useful functionality as a fashionable hanger. Th <Cropped>

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Modular Tea Table by Jing Jing Duan

Jing Jing Duan Exhibits The Ji Furniture Modular Tea Table

Jing Jing Duan , the author of the displayed project Modular tea table by Jing Jing Duan spells out, This coffee table is a kind of to meet the same situation in the same function of the modular design concept for the coffee table. It allows people i <Cropped>

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Connotation by Bond Chen

Bond Chen Exhibits The Connotation Relaxed Residential Space

Bond Chen, the lead designer of the awarded project Relaxed Residential Space by Bond Chen demonstrates, In this design, it is mainly hoped that through the original nature of the material, the original texture of the material is presented with the l <Cropped>

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Award Winning Exploded Chair Chair

Denny R Priyatna Presents The Exploded Chair Chair

Denny R Priyatna, the project leader of the award winning design Chair by Denny R Priyatna illustrates, Exploded Chair is inspired by the long process behind the creation of furniture often taken for granted. Made of solid wood combined with clear re <Cropped>

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Interior Design of Residence:american Style by Che-Tsung Chang

Che-Tsung Chang Presents The American Style Interior Design of Residence

Che-Tsung Chang , the creator of the award winning work Interior Design of Residence by Che-Tsung Chang explicates, The designer also investigates the classical aesthetics and modern translation; every corner and object in the building seem to dye an <Cropped>

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Private Pool by Vitalii Dorokhov

Vitalii Dorokhov Exhibits The Private Pool Personal Spa Center

Vitalii Dorokhov, the project leader of the highlighted design Personal SPA Center:Private Pool by Vitalii Dorokhov illustrates, Project Area: 850 sq.m. Private indoor spa center for private lessons in swimming and yoga with more than seven types of <Cropped>

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Doorknob-Key Holder by Denny Liao & Karen Han

Denny Liao & Karen Han Exhibits The Doorknob Key Holder

Denny Liao & Karen Han, the architect of the highlighted project Key Holder by Denny Liao & Karen Han says, Doorknob is a playful wall mounted key holder that looks like an actual doorknob. Hang keys by inserting one key into the key slot. Th <Cropped>

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Mihai Popescu's Uanderful Restaurant-Bar

Mihai Popescu Discloses The Uanderful Restaurant-Bar

MIHAI POPESCU, the lead designer of the displayed project RESTAURANT - BAR by MIHAI POPESCU demonstrates, As gastronomic borders tend to fade away, the same is happening for the interior design. At Uanderful, you take a step into South American cul <Cropped>

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Toy by Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz De Velasco

Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz De Velasco Portrays The The Woonkis Toy

Pablo Saracho and Mayte Ruiz de Velasco, the architect of the award winning work Award Winning The Woonkis Toy spells out, The Wonkis are a family of wooden and magnetics figurines. The objective was to create a wooden toy that could move almost like <Cropped>

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