Wooden Ebike-science Meets Sustainability by Matthias Broda, Aceteam

Matthias Broda, Aceteam Shows The Wooden Ebike Science Meets Sustainability

Matthias Broda, aceteam, the lead designer of the highlighted design Science meets Sustainability:wooden ebike by Matthias Broda, aceteam spells out, The Berlin company aceteam created the first wooden e-bike, the task was to build it in an environ <Cropped>

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Meline-Stool by Eliane Zakhem

Eliane Zakhem Exhibits The Meline Stool

Eliane Zakhem, the maker of the highlighted project Stool by Eliane Zakhem points out, Meline is an innovative stool with storage. Its minimal design features a shelf and a peg for hanging a jacket and a bag. The shelf is ideal for storing students†<Cropped>

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Portable Wi-Fi Ip Camera:motorola Focus 1000 Camera by Sherry Chan

Sherry Chan Reveals The Motorola Focus 1000 Camera Portable Wi-Fi Ip Camera

Sherry Chan, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Motorola Focus 1000 Camera - Portable Wi-Fi IP camera by Sherry Chan explains, At only 23mm thin x 48mm diameter, Motorola Focus 1000 is a powerful weatherproof camera that packs 2.5K video fea <Cropped>

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Yicca 2019-International Contest of Contemporary Art

The Competition’s Aim Is to Promote The Enrolled Artists, Giving Them Chance to Join The International Market of Contemporary Art. 4000€ in Prizes + Exhibition in Milan (italy)!internationality and Networking Make Yicca a Huge Opportunity For The A

The competition’s aim is to promote the enrolled artists, giving them chance to join the international market of contemporary art. 4000€ in prizes + exhibition in milan (italy)!Internationality and networking make yicca a huge opportunity for <Cropped>

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Award Winning Twistool Veneer Stool

Sherry Jiekun Qian Spotlights The Twistool Veneer Stool

Sherry Jiekun Qian, the author of the award winning project Veneer Stool:TwiStool by Sherry Jiekun Qian says, The TwiStool is a veneer stool drawing inspiration from its Scandinavian context and it has high utility with low production costs. Aestheti <Cropped>

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Residence C.a. by Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li Presents The Residence C.a. Residence

Wei Lun Wang and Chia Ying Li, the project leader of the highlighted project Award Winning Residence C.A. Residence explains, The space transforms from the original vessel that carries life to imagination that can change life. We hope to shorten the <Cropped>

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Residential House:unique Space Devised Through Skylight by Sheng-Hao Sun

Sheng-Hao Sun Shows The Unique Space Devised Through Skylight Residential House

Sheng-Hao Sun, the architect of the award winning project Sheng-Hao Sun's Unique Space Devised Through Skylight Residential House points out, The artificial sky light and the sculpture-like staircase constructs a vision focused on its spacial as <Cropped>

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Fashion College by Hiroyuki Niwa

Hiroyuki Niwa Demonstrates The Aichi Bunka Fashion College Fashion College

Hiroyuki Niwa, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Aichi Bunka Fashion College by Hiroyuki Niwa explains, The plan was for a relocated fashion college. Our design concept was the school building as an interface between the school and the <Cropped>

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Meiji The Chocolate by Kimiko Ida

Kimiko Ida Designs The Meiji The Chocolate Sweets Packaging

Kimiko Ida, the creative mind behind the award winning design Sweets Packaging:Meiji the Chocolate by Kimiko Ida spells out, With “meiji THE Chocolate,” flavors are transformed from “Bean to Bar.” Cacao beans are carefully selected to create <Cropped>

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Visa Tlv-Office Space Interior Design by Studio Shirli Zamir

Studio Shirli Zamir Presents The Visa Tlv Office Space Interior Design

Studio Shirli Zamir, the lead designer of the highlighted project Studio Shirli Zamir's Visa TLV Office Space Interior Design points out, Shirli Zamir Design Studio designed the new VISA innovation center and offices located in Rotschild 22-Tel <Cropped>

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